Division 8: Hollow Metal Doors

OSG: Polystyrene Doors

Our P Series doors hot pressed for consistent product quality, the full surface, continually bonded core insures no oil canning, waves or imperfections throughout the product.

Product Features
  • Available in 16, 18 and 20 gauge Cold rolled steel and Galvanized
  • Polystyrene core provides a rigid door with superior acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Uniform core thickness + thermal pressing yield an exceptionally flat surface
  • Square edge non‐handed design minimizes inventory
  • Inverted bottom channel allows for modification to meet floor conditions
  • Seamless welded edge construction provides structural integrity and long lasting durability
  • Flush top channel as standard
  • Closer reinforcing bonded to each skin, internally reinforced as standard
  • Available in Cylindrical prep (161), Mortise prep (86) and Rim panic preps.
Corrosion Resistance
  • Doors are chemically treated to insure paint adhesion
  • Doors are painted with a baked on two component epoxy rust inhibitive primer
  • All products meet or exceed ANSI A250.1‐1998
  • Salt Spray resistance: Acceptance Criteria for Prime Painted Steel Doors and Frames
Standards & Codes
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/SDI A250.6 – 2003 "Recommended Practice for Hardware Reinforcing on Standard Steel Doors and Frames"
  • Hardware preparations and reinforcements are in accordance with ANSI A250.6‐2003
  • Locations are in accordance with ANSI/DHI A115
  • Meets the requirements of ANSI A250.8‐2003 (Commonly known as SDI‐100)
  • Listed for fire door installations requiring positive or negative pressure testing (UBC‐7‐2‐97, UL 10B, and UL 10C) in sizes to 4080 singles and 8080 pairs