Division 8: Wood Doors

Oshkosh Architectural Doors

Oshkosh Architectural Door Company is the manufacturer of architectural grade wood doors that has over 150 years of experience in woodworking. Oshkosh wood doors offer a variety of different species of wood along with several different stain selections, including a finish that exceeds the WDMA standards for TR-6 finish systems. Along with the species types and finishes, Oshkosh Architectural Doors offers six different core types that are all 5-ply hot pressed. The core grade on Oshkosh wood doors ranges from particleboard core to environmentally certified core. Oshkosh also offers its wood doors with fire rating labels of 20, 45, 60, and 90 minutes. We generally do not carry Oshkosh wood doors in stock, but we can and will get anything want to satisfy your needs. If you would like more information about Oshkosh Architectural Door Company’s products options and features please contact us or visit their website at www.oshkoshdoor.com.

Algoma Hardwoods, Inc.

Algoma Hardwoods, Inc is a commercial door company that specializes in wood doors. Algoma Hardwoods, Inc produces a variety of wood door designs, which include: architectural doors, stile and rail doors, artisan doors, and solid wood frames. Algoma Hardwoods, Inc also has several different types of species offered for your needs. The types of species of wood they offer ranges from ash to walnut. Algoma also has a WDMA System TR-6 equivalent that is called Univar clear, which provides a tough versatile finish. Algoma Hardwoods, Inc also offers the following services that can save you time and money. The services are the following:

  • Lite cut-outs
  • Flush or Lip Lite Beads
  • Divided Lites
  • Applied moulding installation
  • Polymer edges, laminated lumber edges, and metal edge guards
  • Metal vision lite preparation
  • Factory glazing
  • Metal flashing for exterior doors
  • Face grooving

Along with the finishes and services, Algoma Hardwoods, Inc offers a plethora of features and qualities that will provide you a long lasting product. If there is a commercial wood door you are looking for Algoma Hardwoods, Inc has it and will get it to for a great price. If you have any questions about Algoma Hardwoods, Inc products feel free to contacts or visit their website at www.algomahardwoods.com